new hope for dhubri waterways

River terminal plan for Dhubri


Guwahati, Oct. 21: The Inland Waterways Authority of India is reviewing traffic projections upto 2025 to set up a modern permanent river terminal at Dhubri.

There has been no permanent terminal facility at Dhubri, though the waterway authorities operate and maintain a floating terminal for the vessels and movement of cargo.

From pre-Independence days, Dhubri has been playing the role of an active distribution/collection centre for fertiliser, food grain and other agricultural products.

Other agricultural products to and from south Meghalaya are also routed through Dhubri.

Many of south Meghalaya villages and towns are connected by mechanised ferry and the inland water transport route cuts down transportation costs.

A total of 4.59 acres at Bahadurtari in Dhubri town has been identified as a suitable location to set up a permanent terminal.

The proposal has already been submitted to the state government through the Dhubri deputy commissioner to acquire land for the terminus.

The land has got good connectivity to the main highway through the public works department road of Dhubri town.

The depth of the river adjacent to the terminal is also sufficient to berth inland vessels.

Once a suitable terminal is set up, it can be used for movement of several goods through water transport.

The water authority is now on the lookout for consultants to prepare a detailed project report for setting up a permanent river terminal.

Sources said the study would have to review traffic projections, data collection from earlier reports, all relevant authorities and update it for future potential traffic for 2015, 2020 and 2025.

“The study will have to fix the location of the jetty to ensure the safe berthing of loaded barges up to a 2.5-metre draft during leanest period.

“Geo-technical investigation on the land will have to be carried out apart from collection of water-level data (two locations) for the purpose of design of structures,” a source said.

It will also have to recommend the kind of cargo handling equipment required at the terminal, considering the prevailing norms for operation and its merits/demerits.

The study will also view the tariff structure for use of the terminal.

The terminal will have suitable mechanical handling equipment to handle the cargo and a fire fighting system according to terms and requirement.


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