regional quake plan in NE India
Guwahati, April 12: The National Institute of Disaster Management has asked the North Eastern Council to develop a regional response plan for earthquake preparedness of the Northeast in consultation with National Disaster Management Authority and the Centre.
Sources said the plan, which forms a part of the roadmap for earthquake risk mitigation strategy in the Northeast, should be kept ready for a crisis situation.
This project is important, as coordinated efforts can help in effective earth risk management in the region.
Every year, seismic observatories record about 200 earthquakes, of varying intensity, with the epicentre in or around the Northeast.
The road map was prepared in a two-day national conference on earthquake risk mitigation strategy in the Northeast held in Guwahati from February 25 to 26.
A senior NEC official said the council was in the process of developing a regional framework for disaster management and has also initiated the setting up of a Northeast regional disaster management decision support centre.
The National Institute of Disaster Management is a statutory organisation under the National Disaster Management Act 2005.
Every state is developing its own disaster management plan under the provisions of Disaster Management Act. Such plans must have separate contingency plans for responding to mega earthquakes.
The regional, state and district plans shall define the time frame for the implementation of management plans in short (1 to 3 years), medium (1 to 5 years) and long terms (5 years and beyond).
The short and medium-term measures will include risk assessment and mitigation, while long-term plans shall include activities such as capacity building and public awareness.
The state and the council will monitor the implementation of the plan while the National Institute of Disaster Management will evaluate it.
According to the road map, seismic strengthening of all the existing buildings and infrastructure projects should be the integral part of the risk management projects.
The departments concerned should retrofit the buildings.
The road map has suggested that all new development projects must be critically assessed for earthquake risks and for adequate risk-resisting strategies. 


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