Cheers for Assam tea--- a new record price

Assam tea seems to be on a record-breaking spree in quick succession, setting a record price at Rs 303 per kg.
A line of Halmari CTC tea, comprising 12 bags weighing 331kg, fetched Rs 303 per kg at sale number 23 at Gauhati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) yesterday.

J. Thomas and Company Private Ltd sold the tea and it was bought by T.R. Somani and Sons, who operate from Gujarat. The grade was broken orange pekoe (BOP).

The new record price is a rupee more than Rs 302 per kg fetched by Mahaluxmi tea garden early this year at GTAC. The garden fetched Rs 301 per kg earlier.

“The best price proves that good teas sells at a premium at the GTAC,” secretary Jayanta Kakati told The Telegraph.
Halmari garden in Dibrugarh district belongs to Calcutta-based Amarawati Tea Company Ltd, which also owns the Duliabam Tea Estate.

Teas produced by Halmari have been fetching high prices over the last many years and it stands tall as one of the top ranking gardens of Assam.

“This is a top notch garden and has been producing quality teas for many years now. The best part of it is that it supports auctions,” a spokesman for J. Thomas and Company Private Ltd said.
Attributes like a rich malty flavour, fuller body, bright colour, briskness and sweet aroma has made Assam tea a hot favourite among tea enthusiasts all over the world.

The company, in a letter to the GTAC secretary, said, “Halmari is a top quality mark and has been consistently been number one estate in the Calcutta and Guwahati auctions in terms of price realisation for many years. It is also a matter of pride for Guwahati auctions.”

Second flush teas have just started arriving at the auction centre and the prices seemed to be good.
The average price at sale number 23, which concluded yesterday, was Rs 161.93.

General manager of Halmari and Duliabam gardens Rajesh Misra said the credit goes to the management and to the workers.

“The company is totally focussed on quality,” he said.

He said the quality of orthodox teas of the garden is also very good.

 The company's website says Halmari is retailed at Harrods, London and its orthodox and silver tips are sold by Queen Camellia and  Langgasstee, the two finest tea boutiques in Switzerland. This apart, Halmari tea is also listed by some finest hotel chains in the world on their menu.

 Another official said the best prices for Assam CTC can go upto as much as Rs 350 a kg but it will all depend on demand and supply. 

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